Some good travel tips and advice

Fodors Forum:  I’ve never gotten bad advice from the bunch of savvy travelers who participate in this blog. Hell, I even met a couple of them on my trips to Thailand and Myanmar and now they’re my friends I keep in touch with all year.  I would never plan a trip without going here first and then back again. After figuring out what hotels with my Fodors friends, I head to to seal the deal. It’s the best discount hotel booking site for South East Asia. The site is user friendly, it allows you to make special requests with your booking and unless indicated, most hotels allow you to cancel or change your booking VERY easily. (No cancellation is usually obvious and indicated upfront per hotel) Besides, the rates I’ve gotten have all been pretty darn good.  I’ve never had a problem with any of my booking through Agoda.

Hillman Wonders: Howard Hillman is a very experienced travel writer and I really like how he breaks things down into little nuggets of information and tells you his reasoning why he choses one thing over another. This guy really knows his stuff.

Fellow travel bloggers I really dig

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site
Adventurous Kate: a solo female travel blog
A pair of panties & boxers: She used to want the corner office. Now she wants the world. Monica blogs about her travels around the world & her travels through life.
Todd’s Wanderings: Travel adventure and advice from 10 years on the road

Destination Specific

coming soon!

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