I think some people are just born that way.

I was born a curious, deviant nice jewish girl.
I threw my ballet slippers at my instructor, frequently ran away from home  and  enjoyed weekends with my Grammy playing skee-ball on the Coney Island boardwalk.

Jonah was born the cool, mellow intellectual. As a baby, he could sleep anywhere and was eating Oyster’s Rockefeller at the age of 3. He reads Nietzsche for pleasure and reminds me constantly, to the point of annoyance, to behave myself. Who knew that I would have every child’s worst nightmare. Yes, I said that. And yes, I’m the parent. Somehow.

So how did our journey start? I’ve dreamed of traveling since I could remember. The minute I was old enough to go off on my own, I did. I blame it on the coffee table book from my youth “The tree where man was Born” by Peter Matthiessen with gorgeous pictures of Africa by Eliot Porter. For a fleeting moment, I thought that having a kid would end it all. But life is about choices. I packed up baby Jonah (now man-boy), and he became my partner in crime.

Some random facts about me:
• I had a fake ID at age 16, and boogied at Studio 54, Xenon’s and the Mudd Club
• I was never a girl scout because my mother said, “Jewish girls just don’t do that.”
• I’m a damn good Salsa dancer

Some random facts about Jonah:
• He has a Red belt in Muay Thai and is heartbeat from instructor level in Krav Maga
• He eat’s anything and a lot of it.
• He has watched every episode of Law and Order.

Together we make odd, but perfect travel companions.

When not on the road, we live in NYC with our little dog, Louie.
I am an Art Director and work in a “little” ad agency. Jonah is a student attends a NYC public high school.

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