Punta Banco: saving turtles and feeding souls

2009, me and a gazillion other worker-bees were laid off. I hadn’t found a job in 6 months and honestly, It was making me bonkers. I needed out of NYC in a big way, but could barely afford my grocery bills at Zabar’s. So I got the brilliant idea to volunteer in a place that wouldn’t cost us much to live or get to.

Honestly, it was the best idea in my life. For 9 days, Jonah and I shed our materialistic desires, and as volunteers of Pretoma living in the local field station, we transformed into “the turtle people.”

During the days, the guys who worked with Pretoma took us around…Alej borrowed a couple of horses from his neighbor and took us on a long ride up to his uncle’s farm. Freddie, arranged to go out fishing in a pongo with a bunch of his fisherman friends. And mini-pini, our little dog friend, showed us the best tide pools. I swear.

As I look back on those times, I think, “Damn girl, you did good!” We got so much more than we bargained for. What was meant to be a “cheap” little escape, turned out to be a life changing event.  A life changing event definitely worth repeating.

2 thoughts on “Punta Banco: saving turtles and feeding souls

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