Kuala Lumpur: Get a taxi and achieve nirvana

After  2 weeks of Mosquito nets, cold showers, and lousy hotels , I was ready to come back to civilization and embrace my inner princess. And since I was feelin’ flush with a strong dollar, I booked our last 2 nights in Malaysia at the Traders Hotel.  Our fully loaded room overlooked the Petronas Tower.

And along with the Sky Bar, a sexy glass enclosed penthouse with pool, bar, jacuzzi and the works, Trader’s was worth every penny.

But, we only had 2 days left in Malaysia and there was loads to do. I did what any NYer would do. I made the taxi fleet of KL my best friend. So now, let me digress for a moment. Don’t get caught up going to the endless shopping malls. We did and you can get most of this junk in New York. In terms of designer stuff, no bargain. If you must, Petronas Towers and KLCC is worth a stop. That being said, head over to Central Market for the last chance to open up your wallet and spend, spend spend. We brought home gorgeous weavings, sarongs and antique posters. They also have some tribal stuff too. More pricey,not as good as Kuching. But, it’s a backup.

Besides taking care of our shopping addiction, we had to do our last Malaysia hurrah of foodie stops. For breakfast, we had taxi man take us to the Imbie market for some noodle and skewer things. Totally authentic and quite a bit off the tourist trail.

For lunch, a stop in Little India at Sagar. I ate way too much of best indian food I ever tasted.

And for dinner…we went upscale  at Mythai Jim Thompson. (Drop dead thai food). By the way, that’s where I told Jonah “he was every child’s worst nightmare” because he wouldn’t stop bugging me about eating with my left hand in a classy place. Sure, let’s see him try changing it up for someone else’s custom. Not easy my friend.

Day 2, we jumped into our transportation of choice, yes, a taxi, and  headed out to the Batu Caves.

Having watched 1000 times, the “No Reservation” episode where Anthony Bourdain channels George Harrison at the caves, there was no way I’d leave Malaysia without doing the same. The big question is, how would little ol’ us without a producer and crew reach George Harrison nirvana?

Step 1: Use Jonah as a “such a nice boy” prop, and make friends with random Hindu lady.  It worked. Random hindu lady graciously volunteered to guide us through the steps of  buying our offerings to getting our blessing in the Temple cave. Step 2: give yourself  2-3 hours at the caves then head back to the Sky Bar to complete full nirvana. OMMM!

2 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur: Get a taxi and achieve nirvana

  1. Sounds like you had a great trip.

    I’ll have to say, your writing style with 4 letter words and attitude may be NYC style, but they do scream “rude american”.

    I don’t think that’s actually the case, but still……….

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